Domestic and commercial plumbing maintenance

DCV Plumbing and Drainage can provide a wide range of services and inspections for plumbing and water infrastructure such as:

  • Sewer inspections;
  • CCTV camera inspections and leak detection;
  • Storm water drain inspection;
  • Hot water service testing and inspection;
  • Water connections for bathroom, kitchen or laundry;
  • Water leak and pressure testing; and
  • Roof gutter and downpipe.

Backflow testing and maintenance

Backflow is a device which prevents the reverse flow of water from a potentially polluted source into a potable water supply system. You will be notified by your local council as to when your backflow prevention device requires testing.

DCV Plumbing and Drainage can test repair or replace all makes and models of backflow prevention devices.

Repairs and replacement on water services

Have you been told by your local council that you have a leak and it is on your side of the property?

Then call DCV Plumbing and Drainage and we can repair or replace the water service that is located between your house and the water meter.

If you have a burst pipe then it is essential that you receive immediate service. We can repair burst, broken or leaking pipes regardless of whether it is galvanized, PVC, poly, or copper.

Tapware and Toilet Cistern Repairs or Replacement

DCV Plumbing and Drainage can install new tapware to your bathroom, kitchen or laundry. We can also repair toilet cistern leaks, clear toilet blockages or install a new toilet.

Hot water repairs and replacements

Don’t have a cold shower during winter!

If you have a problem with your hot water system, DCV Plumbing and Drainage will fix it.

We can:

  • repair or replace your leaking hot water systems;
  • replace leaking valves/fittings on your hot water system; or
  • relocate your hot water system.

Blocked drains / Storm Water repairs and replacement / Sewer repairs

DCV Plumbing and Drainage provide a 24/7 emergency plumbing service to clear your blocked drains including:

  • kitchen, laundry or bathroom sinks that are blocked;
  • toilet is blocked or backing up; or
  • blocked sewer causing overflow.

We do this by using a drain machine which will clear the problem quickly and efficiently. If the blockage has resulted in damage, we can also arrange to get it repaired.

We also repair and replace storm water for problems such as:

  • downpipe repairs and replacement;
  • stormwater repairs/replacement from house to curb; and
  • blocked stormwater repairs.

We can also repair sewers from your house to Council/retailer connection point.

Bathroom renovations

DCV Plumbing and Drainage can undertake the following bathroom renovations for you.

  • Minor renovations such as vanity or toilet replacements; and
  • Major renovations such as install or re-construct a bathroom.

Gas installation and repair

DCV Plumbing and Drainage can repair, replace or install gas appliances. Our gas fitting services include:

  • hot water system replacements or installations;
  • cook top and oven replacement or installations; or
  • gas leaks, connections and repairs.

Roof repair

A leaking roof can cause problems in your house. Common signs that your roof is leaking include visible water, stains on your ceiling, dampness on your ceiling and mould.

DCV Plumbing and Drainage can identify the source of the leak and rectify the problem quickly and efficiently.

We can:

  • replace flashings; and
  • repair leaking roof sheets or tiles.

Gutter repairs/replacement

DCV Plumbing and Drainage also provides the following guttering services:

  • Leaking gutter repairs;
  • Gutter and downpipe replacements;
  • Unblocking gutters; or
  • Free advice on gutter and stormwater issues.

Rain water tank installations / water pump repairs

Do you wish to save water?

DCV Plumbing and Drainage can:

  • install and replace rain water tank; and
  • install and replace water pumps.

We can connect your rain water tank to your washing machine, toilet or we can even redirect it for watering your gardens.

If you already have a rain water tank and notice that the water is disappearing fast, then we can identify the problem and provide the most cost effective solution to help you.